Potato Radiance Mask

Potato Radiance Mask

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      100% natural

ApplyTwice is the only brand offering 100% Natural All in One Kits with food grade FSSAI certified ingredients - Convenience and Best Quality.
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Turn the glow on with Goodness of Potato powder, Sandalwood, Honey and a  splash of Rose. This zero-hassle DIY kit contains 4 bottles of goodness to add a radiant and natural glow to your skin. These natural ingredients are 100% natural and rich in quality.

We let you mix, so you can feel the freshness of your mask. When mixed together it turns out to be the best skin food to nourish the skin naturally.

Although most of the ingredients are of food grade quality, these kits are not meant for oral consumption but of topical use only.

Whole Potato Powder (Sundried) 



Sandalwood Powder



Natural forest honey






Glass Bowl and Brush



10 face packs can be made using this kit. Use regularly for healthy skin.

Rs. 299/ Pack


Potato Powder: the Powdered potato is the best form to use it on the skin, to treat various skin issues from acne to dark spots.

Sandalwood: Chandan is everybody’s granny's suggestion and skin’s BFF to get rid of suntan, pimples, blemishes, dry skin, wrinkles and the list goes on.

Natural Forest Honey: this special honey delivers skin-loving moisture and soothing nourishment, plus antioxidants.

Rosewater: 100% natural elixir by Mother Nature to balance the skin’s PH level and tightens the pores while hydrating.

Everybody’s best friend.


  • Prevents Aging signs
  • Lighten dark spots, acne scars and blemishes
  • Illuminates skin, Removes dead cells
  • Natural cleanser
  • Youthful glow


  • Mix half a spoon sandalwood powder, a spoon of potato powder and honey into the bowl provided with the kit.
  • Get the right consistency with rose water.
  • Cleanse your face and if it isn’t a lazy day, we suggest steaming your face before applying.
  • After patting the face dry then apply the mask in an even layer using the brush provided with the kit, avoiding eyes and brows. Leave on until completely dry (approximately 15 – 20 minutes), DO NOT LEAVE IT FOR LONGER TIME.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Apply Twice a week.

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How are ApplyTwice products free from chemicals?

At ApplyTwice we follow the ‘Farm to Face’ culture. We procure raw ingredients directly from the farms. As we do not mix our ingredients, there is no need to add any chemicals or preservatives. We believe that ingredients work best on the skin when in the purest form. Food is medicine, If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin. That's our belief system.

Can ApplyTwice products cause any side-effects on my skin?
As our products are 100% natural, chemical-free, and infused with freshness, they have zero side effects unless you are allergic to a particular ingredient. In general, all our products are skin-friendly. 

What is the shelf-life of your products?
As we do not mix our ingredients, they have a shelf life of a minimum two years. Our products are free from any type of chemicals or preservatives.

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